Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31, 2009 B wanted a birthday party for her "Baby Knows" doll. Hooray for me, she picked the day before Hubby's birthday - so I spent the day baking muffins for the dolly, and making Trifle for hunkster hubby. The girls put together gifts for dolly and doesn't she look happy? :)

January 30, 2009
This was Bayboo's visit to the dentist, very last minute. Poor kid was insanely brave. Either that, or she has a unusually high pain tolerance. Either way - she did well, and I HOPE it's a while before her next visit!

January 29, 2009
While on her visit to the doctor for her immunizations, Bayboo had her hearing checked. She was so excited that she could even hear the quietest beeps. I am GRATEFUL for the blessing of being able to hear, AND the blessing of having healthy children (not to mention access to medical care - it's so awesome to have that).

January 28, 2009

We love pancakes around here, though I usually only make them once a week. The kids would eat them every. single. day. if they could - just not a lot of nutrients in them, you know?

January 27, 2009
In celebration of Family Literacy Day, I went out and bought each of the girls a new book . We spent the evening reading together, and I am so grateful I CAN read. Another blessing to be grateful for!

January 26, 2009

This was the photo I based my "I SPY" scrapbook page on. Their room looks like this almost every day, but I guess I should be grateful that 1. they have a warm room to call their own, and 2. they have plenty of toys to play with. Right? Right??

January 25, 2009
BB, when she started into grade 2, was still struggling with her reading. I was beginning to wonder if she had dyslexia or something. I spoke with her teachers and they assured me that the words she was having trouble with were normal for kids her age. It was little relief.

But lately, reading has started to become more of a joy and less of a pain for her. I find her excited about reading, and she has really started doing well. Some of the words she is reading are REALLY big and she often surprises me with what she can read. I'm so grateful that she is catching on, and that she is beginning to love reading.

January 24, 2009
I spent the day scrapbooking - my "day off" so to speak :)

January 23, 2009

It was "family day" at Bayboo's pre-K class (something we both always look forward to) and we made some fun books together. But the part I think we both love best is when we first arrive and she gets to show me around her classroom. This photo was Bayboo showing JJ a huge shell, and explaining to her how she can hear the ocean if she listens carefully. There are few things I love more than watching my girls interacting together. I love it. It makes my heart sing.

January 22, 2009
This is one of my favorite sights. She is almost always the very first one ready to go, and she hops and skips up to me with that adorable grin on her little face, BURSTING with all the fun she had that day. It's one of those things I want to freeze in time and remember forever!

January 21, 2009

Jeopardy. I love it. Really, really love this show. I love it when I can get the answer that none of the contestants can get. I love it when my husband's head snaps around when I say the question that was so obscure, it seemed impossible. It's fun. I love Jeopardy.

January 20, 2009
I organized the back closet. It stayed like this for about .2 seconds after the girls came home from school. However, I did capture the moment for posterity.

January 19, 2009
I just recently started hanging my jeans to dry. Learned that trick (which is probably in the laundry bible) from my SIL, Tiffany. It keeps your jeans super nice. But, these are JUST a few of my girls' jeans. LOTS of denim hanging around here :)

January 18, 2009

No picture today - went to church and had a fabulous ward conference. We also met with the Stake Relief Society Presidency who gave us a HUGE amount of encouragement and a some very helpful suggestions that I can't wait to put into practise! A very wonderful day!

January 17, 2009
The first "kind of" warm day in a LONG time, so the girls spent hours outside playing in the snow and building snow forts. I *almost* wish I was young enough to enjoy being in the snow enough to not care about the cold nose and wet fingers. Oh, to be a kid again!

January 16, 2009

Not much to say about this pic - just my two babies reading to each other :)

January 15, 2009
It is still dark when I go out to drive my kiddos to school in the morning. Today, the sunrise was absolutely breathtaking! I ran back in the house and grabbed my camera to capture this fiery sight. Lovely.

January 14, 2009
This is often how I find Lyndon, once the kids are in bed and the dishes are done. He is in the office working on homework for school. He just goes, goes, goes with no complaints - ever. He really blows me away with his attitude towards life and responsibility. He takes care of my every need without a second thought, he does jobs around the house without expecting praise or reward, he plays with and disciplines our kids with love, he studies the gospel and lives the gospel and improves upon his weaknesses, and I love him. I really love him.

January 13, 2009
This is a (bad) photomerge of the snow on our back deck. It's piled high and it's so cold that it isn't going anywhere. If the weather warms up, we might have a flood on our hands!

January 12, 2009
Monday is laundry day - voila. Our laundry. (One load of 7 I do every Monday).

January 11, 2009
Reading is probably my favorite stress-relieving activities (next to a hot bath). Lately I've been really into Jodi Picoult books - and my husband has been feeding my habit by buying me a few of her books to keep my busy.

January 10, 2009
It was B's 7th birthday party today. A bunch of 7 and 8 year old girls, some cupcakes to decorate, some games to play, and some gifts to enjoy. All in all, a fantastic day!

January 9, 2009
My husband loves me. He loves me enough to stand in -30 degree weather at a cold and dark bus stop on a Friday morning just so I can have the van for the day. What a man I have. I am the luckiest gal around.

January 8, 2009
B turned 7 today! She got to pick her favorite place to have dinner, so she chose the ever exclusive le' McDonalds. She wanted to play in the play park. You can't argue with that logic. Then we headed to Chez DQ for a yummy ice cream cone for dessert. I love it when my kids have birthdays!

January 7, 2009
JJ sat on her potty for the first time today. She also went poops on the potty today (completely by accident I think). And, she had about a zillion accidents today. But, we'll see how it goes...

January 6, 2009
I spent the morning designing an office newsletter for a friend. I really, really, enjoy working on the computer (shocker, I know). And... I think I'm pretty good at it. Considering I'm self-taught 100%.

January 5, 2009
Is this a portend of things to come? Will 2 bathrooms be enough when those teenage years hit? Points to ponder....

January 4, 2009
Meet Oreo. The biggest, sweetest hamster I've met. TJ received a hamster cage for Christmas with a note saying she could pick out her own hamster after we got back from our Christmas Vaycay in Calgary. She picked out this fat, enormous black and whitish hamster that has been practically attached to her hip since she brought him home. He's never bit - any of use - and he is big enough to not get squished by eager little hands. Lucky him :)

January 3, 2009
The snow is starting to pile up on our deck table. That's a lot of white stuff!

January 2, 2009
Lyndon still had a day off work, and the older two kiddos were back at school, so the rest of us went to our local indoor gardens. With the freezing, snowy weather - seeing all of the gorgeous plants was just the pick-me-up we all needed.

January 1, 2009
Lyndon spent a couple of weeks growing a beard. Why? For the scouts winter camp coming up this weekend. I mean, come on - is that really neccesary? Have you heard of a scarf? Okay, I guess scarves aren't as fun. Whatever. Thankfully, the freezing -45 degree weather caused the camp to be cancelled. Lyndon shaved the beard right after I snapped this pic. Hallelujiah!

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