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December 1 - 31, 2009

December 31, 2009
Saying goodbye to an interesting year full of learning and growth, and looking forward with hope and joy to 2010. I know that I'll enjoy looking back on this year in photos, and remembering how much I was blessed. Here's to another year of photos, memories, and love!

December 30, 2009
TJ was lucky enough to get a set of baking supplies for Christmas so she could start learning to bake with a real oven. We started out baking these scrumptious cupcakes! She even had to learn how to separate eggs to do these. I think she's off to becoming a pro in the kitchen!

December 29, 2009
We love to do our part for the planet - i.e. recycling. I think we started about 6 or 7 years ago, and we have done it ever since. It feels good to know that a large bin of paper, cardboard, and milk jugs are put to good use instead of filling our land fills.

December 28, 2009
We were invited out to our friend's small town to go skating at their indoor rink. It's been 10 years since I was on skates, and it was a first for our kids. They all did surprisingly well, and we all can't wait to go again!

December 27, 2009
Probably my absolute favorite Christmas decoration is our Christmas Card tree. I love watching it fill up over the weeks before Christmas, and being able to see all of my dearest friends and family greeting me each day.

December 26, 2009
Boxing Day shopping was made so much sweeter with a gift card to Reitmans, and a $100 visa card (both gifts for my birthday). I bought some jeans, 2 tops, a scarf, and a purse. Score!

December 25, 2009
Merry Christmas! Our girls are modeling their favorite gifts from Santa this year.

December 24, 2009
Our traditional Christmas Eve Nativity play was greatly enhanced this year when we had some new friends over with their sons and new baby girl! We finally had some BOYS to add to our nativity! It sure made our Christmas Eve a memorable one.

December 23, 2009 
A new tradition? Sleeping in front of the tree on Christmas Adam (which comes before Christmas Eve!). While only 2 of them managed to stay in front of the tree (TJ and BB decided after a while to sleep in their beds) it was magical while it lasted!

December 22, 2009
Do you think Santa Claus will like his Christmas cookies? I'll take the chance of answering for him and say HECK YA! these buttercream iced sugar cookies are right up Santa's alley, I bet!

December 21, 2009
31 years young. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! I mean, an OLD lady wouldn't get a New Moon T-shirt and an ice cream cake for her birthday, would she? Naw!!

December 20, 2009
These moments together with the girls being so little are fleeting. I wish I could freeze time, sometimes. I guess a photo is the closest I can get. This shot shows so clearly their interests right now. BB can always be seen holding a book. She loves to look at them, trying to read, figuring out the words. And JJ is clutching Clarisse the reindeer to her chest. She loves her. And the two of them together couldn't be closer. Always playing together, having fun. I wish these moments would last.

December 19, 2009
Every year we drive around one evening to enjoy the Christmas lights around the city. Our favorite spot is always our Legislative building with the huge trees lit from top to bottom. It's breath taking to see live!

December 18, 2009
JJ loved making her first popcorn snowman! It was sticky, it was sweet, and it was fun! Isn't he cute? His name was "Girly Snowman". You figure it out, cause I can't.
December 17, 2009
It's Snow Biz!! I really enjoyed the girls' Christmas concert this year - lots of beautiful music and fun dancing. It's always exciting to watch them perform. They are so talented and brave.

December 16, 2009
Lately I have felt so alive and happy. I love every second I've been spending with my girls, even in a cold van running errands. My life is good!

December 15, 2009
Beauty is found everywhere in nature - even on the tiny ice crystals growing on my windows!

December 14, 2009
Family home evening at Boston Pizza - courtesy of a surprise gift certificate in the mail from our cousins, Mark and Christie! YES!!!

December 13, 2009
What a fun change for us! We had the sister missionaries over to dinner tonight! Our girls loved seeing that women can serve missions for the church - and do! We can't wait to have them over again on Christmas!

December 12, 2009
A cold snap hit us this week - minus 50 degrees celsius turned this mug of boiling water into snow crystals in a second! That's chill to the bone cold!

December 11, 2009
Lyndon's work put on an awesome children's Christmas party at the Science center this year. Face painting, treats, movies, gifts, and of course- a visit with the big guy in red, who was in extra jolly good form tonight! Good times!

December 10, 2009
Hot chocolate, donuts, and a movie. Yes, yes, and yes! One of my favorite indulgences during the cold winter months!

December 9, 2009
Annual tithing settlement, where we get to declare to God, through our Bishop, that we are full tithe payers, as well as have the opportunity to discuss and be reminded of the many blessings paying tithes and offerings brings into our lives. I know there are so many blessings we have received from living this law and even more blessings that I'm not even aware of.

December 8, 2009
Making a gingerbread sleigh was a little shake up from our traditional gingerbread house night! That sleigh looks good enough to eat!
December 7, 2009
Game night was only made better when TJ created her own board game that helped us learn math while having fun! It was such a creative idea and we all had fun!

December 6, 2009
I love teaching Primary. I think it's my favorite calling ever. I find myself getting super excited as Sunday draws nearer because I get to see the kids in my class and get to share in some awesome testimony building lessons with them. I think about what a privilege it is to be entrusted with the teaching of these special little ones. Such a powerful thing. But more so, they teach me every single week. I come away strengthened in ways I didn't expect. I love it.

December 5, 2009
A Caribbean Christmas was the theme of our ward Christmas party this year! Jerk chicken, floating fishes, tropical smoothies, and some Caribbean dancing made this a warm get away without getting away!

December 4, 2009
Why not bring the snow indoors with some one of a kind paper snowflakes? We covered our sliding glass doors with these gorgeous and unique creations!

December 3, 2009
Christmas downtown in the city is always a beautiful sight. The buildings lit up from top to bottom, the Christmas trees and ornaments decking out the foyers, and the lights and decorations hanging from the street corners always puts me in the Christmas mood.

December 2, 2009
TJ is blooming into quite the artist. She loves to draw and her drawings become more and more detailed. I hope she cultivates all of her talents because she has been blessed with so many!


December 1, 2009
Where did Frosty the Snowman meet his wife?At the SNOW ball, of course!!! 
And then they had a family.. aren’t they cute? Courtesy of my craft savy girls!


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