Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009

Our van was in the shop today - nothing major, just some loose nuts and bolts. The problem? Minus 30 degrees with the windchill and having to walk the girls to school. What to do with a 2 year old for a 20 minute walk in this weather? Bundle her up and plop her on the sled, that's what! I made the mistake during my second trip out to pick up Bayboo from pre-k of cutting through the field behind our house. I ended up trudging through knee deep snow in ankle deep boots, getting the leg workout of my life. Luckily, JJ floated safely on top of the snow in her little red sled. She was warm - except for her little red nose sticking out of the scarf. WHY couldn't the van break down in warmer weather?

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